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Focus on your business not your apps infrastructure.


In the world of ever demanding and growing business, apps availability is always an issue. Even if you are using cloud infrastructure, they still fails, and when they fails, they tank your business. What we do is very simple, we will design and move your certain apps function using serverless and decoupling approach. These approach will enable your apps have near zero downtime with a fraction of the current TCO cost.      

Our Signature Solution

How serverless cloud and decoupling framework can help you achieve agility and cost saving never seen before in the industry.

Serverless Architecting & Design

Cloud architecture help you to focus on your apps and not on your infrastructure. Go serverless will help you to focus on your business even further. We can help you to design your system leveraging serverless capability with minimum learning curves.

Serveless Architect

Serverless Migration

Is a service to help you move part of your existing application architecture to serverless realm. Moving your application to serverless will help you to save cost, increase availability without sacrificing business continuity. You only pay what you use.

Serverless Migration

Serverless Change Management

We understand that migrating into serverless cloud will be a challenging task, especially for company with established IT organisation structure and budget. We are here to help organisation transform easier.

Serverless Change Managemet




Login and register is basically the quintessentials part of your business but often neglected. It basically where you spend your marketing dime.

The bad news is, those function only as dependable as the rest of your apps. It will fail if your server fails, or worse they fails if random unrelated function in your apps fails.


Imagine if we can make sure that people will be able to register and login, whatever happen to your server. We believe that will make makes significant difference in your business.

How it Works 


Initial Engagement

What we do is very simple, our specialist just have to have access into your apps documentation and codebase. Then how often that you need the service. We will work from there.



We will identify certain function that you might want to migrate, we can start with things that you need to be highly available but non-critical, such as login, register, transaction history, or image processing service.

We will send you over the technical and commercial aspect of migrating such service into serverless cloud. The proposal will also include timeline of the migration. 

We can guarantee that under the same load, we can provide a minimum of 20% cost saving compared to your current spending. If you spend more for the same workload, your tab is on us.

Proof Of Concept and UAT

Agreed Timeline

Upon agreed terms, we will send over to you set of API or function that we reproduce from your existing system and we will do the UAT.


Agreed Timeline

Let us guide you to venture into the serverless realm.

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