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Does Your Business Have

Dauntingly Difficult Question to Answer ? 

We Might Have The Answer

As a strategic IT builder company, we love solving world's most difficult question. With our vast experience in various industry we might have the answer you sought Our approach employ simple yet powerful framework that might identify lowest hanging fruit that might still available to reap before moving on to more complex ideas. Who knows the solution might still be in your backyard.

Our Use Case

We helped ministry of education to manage scholarship programme for the economically challenged. We solve the problem by designing an offline to online approach. Currently this program disburse more than 300 M USD financial aid to 300 thousands beneficiary yearly. The program won presidential awards in 2012

Ministry of Education
Urban Skyline

5% budget of this nation is spent on health and the one of the most critical phase is on budgeting. Our bespoke budgeting approach helped ministry of health to manage spending priority and keep close monitoring on the budget spent. Our solution also helped more than 100 million USD saving each year in the ministry.

Ministry of Health
Doctor's Desk

Do you know what is harder than falling behind on ever-changing business landscape ? Helping out-of-touch front-runner to keep leading. We helped Telkomsel to stay relevant in the ever changing over-the-top communication landscape by designing communication product from the bottom up.

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